Serving God's Children Worldwide

Bringing Hope to the Hopeless

Jesus The Light Of Life Outreach Ministries is a deeply religious nonprofit organization accepting intentions for communal prayer sessions in Orlando, FL. We understand that life has its own share of difficulties, and we do what we can by praying for our brethren and calling down God's grace upon them. In addition, we host regular Bible study sessions so that our members and friends can grow in our faith.
Helping hand - Life Ministry in Orlando, FL
Flying Dove - Christian Organization in Orlando, FL

Community Outreach Services

Far from being merely an inward-looking organization, our outreach ministry seeks to serve the community with practical initiatives such as feeding programs and orphanage establishment. In our time, we have traveled throughout the world to spread the word of God's love both by prayer and Biblical study, and by touching the lives of His poorest and most defenseless children.

Reach Out to Feel God's Love

If you are yearning for spiritual renewal, get in touch with us today. Simply call us at (407) 545-1310, and we can address all your spiritual concerns. Whether you are seeking to reestablish your relationship with God, or are looking for a way to serve your community, we can help.